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The main activities run by the Cultural association Passages are Il museo siamo noi / Museums are Us and Projects.

Il museo siamo noi / Museums are Us gathers research and training activities as well as exhibitions and workshops aiming to foster citizens’ awareness of tangible and intangible cultural heritage, both in its public and private (personal) dimensions. Through creativity and (self)representation, we explore new paths to accessibility, mediation, engagement and participation. We also deepen people’s understanding of the different relationships that either exist or we can build with material objects, cultural domains and processes of knowledge and recognition. Within such thematic area, Passages plans and organizes initiatives addressed to various audiences.

Our Projects are developed in cooperation with other institutional partners and are financially supported by both public and private stakeholders.



The Events range from guided and/or narrative tours to conferences, including creative workshops, participatory exhibitions, installations and public presentations of books and research outcomes.